Frequent asked questions

Yes, it is always worth reupholstery your furniture if your frame isn’t broken or damaged, because this will save you money. Reupholstering can be a cost-effective alternatives to buying a new furniture. Reupholstering is the process of replacing fabric, padding, and/or springs of furniture in order to give it a new look.

It is recommended every 7 to 15 years but you are the best judge. 

If the piece is not a valuable work of art, reupholstering might actually serve to increase its value. Let us make it into a piece of art for your home. 

One of the things that make upholstered furniture superior is its higher level of comfort. Upholstery involves padding, so it will be more comfortable to sit on. Especially if the furniture is made of wood, plastic, or metal. 

Yes, all projects are free pickup and delivery in the areas we service.